Best Meditation accessories

If you starting out in practicing daily(or even weekly) meditation that’s great, meditation is one of the most helpful things one can do in order to lower stress, improve mood and overall happiness.

As someone who practice meditation on a daily basis(and love it) I know how great addition it is to daily life, but its also sometime can be hard to “stick to” as our life can be busy and hectic and finding that right time for daily meditation practice is not always easy.

in addition to that sitting to meditation is not that easy. yes it seems easy, after all you just need to sit down and practice but once you start you notice that just sitting without doing anything is not that easy. it can be boring and mind tend to move on to other things.

This is why I want to share with you today some of the meditation accessories I use on a daily basis to help me out and to ease out my daily practice

1.Meditation cushion

Plain and simple , a good meditation cushion can totally change how hard or easy it will be for you to sit. a good cushion will offer great back support, will take off the pressure from your legs and knees and will help you sit longer. – here you can find all kind of different meditation cushions reviews and its the site that helped me pick my current zafu pillow.

Meditation cushion

Amazon – here at amazon you can also find tons of different pillows to use on a daily basis and in great prices.

2.Meditation Timer app

This timers can be really a life saver and help you set up the exact time you want to sit and practice, some of them have great sounds to gently tell you its the time to stop. you can easily find lots of them from the apple/google app stores , simply search for timer apps.


3.Yoga Blanket

When I sit to practice I just love to cover myself up with a nice and comfy yoga blanket, it help me stay focus and warm, protect me from all kind of air born animals and other things that can distract me.